Thursday, April 22, 2010

This and That: 4-22-10

OK so after this 28 day challenge, I am feeling like I should be writing a little more.  My show is hung (will take some pics this weekend), I am in the process of teaching a mixed media and collage class (altering papers followed by a series of three 4 by 4 works), I finished the description for an art journaling class (hoping to start in May), I have to get back to that donation I am trying to finish, I have a little demo/open house thing to attend at Lucy's "Studio that I would love to finish another collage for (May 1st), and finally I really want to start ferreting out the details for my Paper Packets program (a green experiment in weather treated papers, I need to work on that description).  I am really excited about this.  The idea came from Laura Lein-Svencner, a fellow mixed media and collage artist extraordinaire.  Her project was called paper bundles and you can read about it on her blog (search for paper bundles, it is rather current)  Lucy and company are excited too and I think we will try to have a little gallery show after the project is done to coincide with Earth Day 2011.  Be watching for details (as soon as I get them worked out).


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