Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Recap 8-15-11

4 AM  7-10-11, all ready to leave
I don't even know where to begin.  My summer has been one of hurry up and wait, stress, little art, and proud momma moments.  Busy = something had to give, sadly, it was my blog.  Having been away for 2 months, I was surprised to see this new lay out in BloggerIt took 10 minutes to get reacquainted.  I can't decide if I like just yet.  Anyway, my emotions ran the gamut this summer and I often found it difficult to put anything down in words.  The blog got pushed aside.  After Swan Lake, it was all about getting Colin ready for his four week workshop with the American Ballet Theater.  I spent most of June making lists, buying supplies, emailing back and fourth to the program coordinator, etc...  Meanwhile both Colin and Claire were taking classes (a summer intensive) at their year round ballet school.  They also took drivers ed and so I was in the car on and off all day during June and the beginning of July.  My oldest was registering for our local college and that was an ordeal in itself.  And then, the magic day for Colin was here, July 10th, he and his father headed to Texas and the adventure was on.  Colin took classes at the ABT program in Austin Texas at University of TexasI really was not all that weepy when he left, it really hit me though later that evening when I did not hear him on his XBOX 360.  I looked forward each day to his phone call, his Facebook updates, his voice, his pictures.  I mad sure to send him a daily picture of his Mandy dog ( our female greyhound, he adores her) and made sure to send him a weekly snack package. Claire, on the other hand kept me busy with ballet classes, the gym, and the pool. My oldest, Kaitie, well its been a long hall with her.  After her huge car accident, we sought professional help and she was diagnosed with ADHD.  Talk about a whirl wind of doctor appointment.  I am still trying to get her meds dosage correct.  At the college, I set her up with special needs accommodations but that was no easy ordeal.  I started the process and July and I am still gathering paper work. At the end of July, Claire had her showcase performance.  This was the culmination of 6 weeks of work.  No photos, of course, but let me say, she was a bright star up there on stage.  Her smile, her presence, was the best I have seen it.  This summer she was accepted into the JSSB company course and because it is so rigorous, she improved her technique and learned some partnering skills.  Mrs. Svalander brought in guys specifically to work with the company dancers.  As one might suspect, guys are few and far between at the local ballet schools around us, well around most local ballet schools across the country, but Mrs Svalander managed to gather up enough young men to work with our girls.  What a perk.

Claire in Summer Show Case
On with the ABT.  I don't have many photos.  Colin, being Colin, took none.  There will be some shots though, by a professional photographer, however they are not posted yet.  On August 4th, my husband and I went down to Texas to pick him up and see his final performance.  The ABT accomplished much with these extremely talented young dancers.  To get a show ready in just four weeks.....  Colin grew so much during this time in Austin.  Not so much physically ( his height is the same), as emotionally.  He had the opportunity to dance with other male dancers that were as talented (and then some) as Colin.  To me, that was huge.  When I saw the guys on stage together, it made me so proud that Colin was a part of it all and he danced so beautifully.  I cried of course. I have to hand it to the ABT program.  For Colin it was so worth it. Even though he had a full tuition scholarship, Marc and I still had to cough up room and board and food.  Not to mention the air flights and transportation costs associated with getting around Austin...  What the heck though, this is Colin's dream.  This is a company Colin would die for (to get into it).  So we roll with the punches...  I think that Colin has made some life long friends.  WIth social media, he won't loose touch.  

My version of a Day of the Dead Skull
Meanwhile, we are preparing for the next show...No, not nutcracker, although auditions are coming up very soon.  Mrs. Svalander was invited to stage a new ballet about Frida Khalo.  This is for/in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month (October).  The performance is October 1st.  Yours truly is helping out with the props.  And that is where is where I am as far as my art.  I had all these great plans for finishing actually collages.  Where the heck has the time gone?  And the sad thing is that I knew this would does every year, every extended break (Christmas, Spring break).... I just can't seem to budget my time at all anymore.  I did manage to get an application in for the Raue Center galleries this coming year but that is about ll.  So as September fast approaches, I have a list a mile long that are "must get done" now items.  Sigh......

P.S.  I have a new internet friend that I just had to mention.  Her name is Susie and not only is she a marvelous mixed media artist but she totally relates to all my blurbs about my ballet mom life because she too is a ballet mom.  It hink that is so cool.  The internet brings so many people together.  Susie, thanks again for your email.  Here is Susie's blog link...