Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 28: 28 Day Challenge

Oh I am so mad at myself, yesterday was technically day 28 of the challenge and I completely forgot to post.  I am totally copping out here because I guess my mind is on overload.  I got done delivering my work and unpacking it, then staging it for the curator to hang and I never stopped running after that time till about 9:00 PM.  I passed out in my bed at that point!  No pictures still.  I just love this excuse...when I grabbed my digital camera to document my process , the battery was dead and 30 minutes was not enough time on the charger.  Consequently I left home without my camera.  I guess there was not much to document because Lynn hung the work after I left.  I hope this weekend I will get back to the Cafe Luna in Crystal Lake to take a peak and shoot some photos.  Yea me...I did it...  One of the hardest things about the challenge was the documentation (both written and visual).  But I think the habit of documenting is a good one.  So what is on my agenda next...I have to get back to my donation piece, I teach a 3 night workshop this week and have to prep for that, and I just finished a class description for Lucy's review.  I hope to guide an art journaling class session this summer.  I am really excited about this because it may take me back to the journal I never finished.  You know how that goes... 


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Undaunted said...

YAY!! Kathy you did it! Congratulations!! Scott is making a logo thingy for your side bar to show that you completed the challenge!! Well done!

I can't wait to see your photos from your show!