Friday, February 26, 2010

Fire: first in elements series of 4

The first of 4 in my Elements series is finished. This is Fire.
The work was meant to be a sample for my mixed media and collage class this week but it was cancelled. Not enough enrollment this time around. I needed a break again so I am taking advantage of the time off. I have begun the next in the series so I will post as I get more into the process. Next week I want to spend some time finishing up some samples that I started in previous classes so I can include them in my next show. Hopefully I will have 6 new pieces done by mid April.

My weekend is shaping up to be busy. Colin and Claire just got their parts for Swan Lake and they are excited to start rehearsals. We have many errands to do. Geesh I hope to get into my studio!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Step 3, class sample 2-17-10

Here is the next step in this abstract that I am working on for class next week. My papers were chosen with a mood that evoked warmth and fire. Next the papers were coated with Golden Polymer Medium, several coats, on both sides and allowed to dry. Finally they were fused to the substrate using a tacking iron. This is essentially Jonathan Talbot's method. In my class, however, we use soft gel matte medium to adhere our papers and this works quite fine. We get messy, but that is OK. I have a good working relationship with Jonathan's method. I often revert to it because I am a stickler for getting my papers to lay perfectly flat for certain works. I have, on occasion used both the Polymer media and the soft gel matte and this of course depends on what I am doing. The one thing that keeps me from spreading the message of Talbot's methodology is the cost. If one is a serious collage artist then the expense is not as bad as one might think. But regardless, when students are first exploring mixed media and collage, soft gel matte media and a cheap sturdy brush is the way to go. OK so back to my work. I want to add a couple of glazes to the work to unify it a bit and then I must add a focal image. The piece is the fire element so there will be a flame involved :) Aren't the papers neat? I love the texture of some and this is so my color palette!

Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Winners 2-15-10

Wondrous strange designs, it is your luck day! The print is yours. Here is what you said! I have sent you an email.

Lovely,lovely! I would love to be entered to win your wonderful gift!

My second winner is: Terri Kahrs. She wrote:

Ohhh, I see that I'm one of the first magic carpet riders to arrive! I'm so glad it dropped me off at your site, and I adore your giveaway! Hugs, Terri

Terri has won some stuff right off my art table and trust me, I have stuff! I have emailed Terri to let her know that she won.

The One World One Heart event may be over but the new blogs I have visited will last quite some time. I would encourage anyone who loves to meet new people or even just delight in all the eye candy, to participate in this event. And to Lisa...your Rock! Thank you for your time and effort!
If you get a chance, I have included the links to these lovely blog. Go pay em a visit.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

New abstract

Here are the first two steps in a new work I am doing for a class I am teaching at the end of February (25th and 26th) at the Studio in McHenry. We are going to do an 8 by 8 inch work on maisonite. It will be guided by me with the focal image being one of the 4 elements (from Greek philosophy), fire, water, air or earth (terra firma). These elements can be interpretted any way at all except that they must be collaged to the work, not hand drawn (simply because I want it that way :))) ).

I have a long way to go yet. This piece will be the fire element eventually. I have decided to use Talbot's method of adhering the papers (all altered by yours truly) because I much prefer his method. The same result can be achieved with good ol soft gel matte medium (at least if one is careful with gluing down papers). Often times I will cover my substrate with dress pattern paper just to lay some "paint" down and make the substrate my own. It is a psychological thing, I know, but it works for me. That way I am not staring at a blank surface. And who knows what may show through when finished. I just love a good surprise. It is hard to see in this scan but some of the pattern shows through the transparent paper in the upper right hand corner. I may or may not leave it that way. As it is for many artists, my process is intuitive and I keep working the piece until it tells me "enough." And it will eventually :) Hopefully this will be one of the works to go into my next gallery show. I will also depict the other three elements in due time.


Well I did it. I managed to visit all 1088 entries in this years event.! My print is till on the block until midnight tonight. I will select a winner and post on my blog first thing tomorrow AM. Then I will attempt to contact the winner. Please remember to leave a link for either your blog or email so I can contact you! Oh an welcome new followers. OWOH brought you to this blog and I am gateful for the following. I love to share my process and I hope it gives you some insight into my work. I also love to brag about my family, especially my dancers!

Now for some exciting news. I have been invited to do a gallery show at Cafe Luna in Crystal Lake. This is no ordinary show though. I want to invite any of the Studio's mixed media and collage students to join me! If this is your first gallery show, this will be non threatening and a very fun experience. Please consider framing at least two or three or four of your pieces. Lynn Carlson, a curator of sorts, for the Cafe Luna, will hang the works and basically take care of the rest. Details to follow but please let me know if your are interested. We want to shoot for a mid April date (which my be negotiable). Gosh this will be so much fun. Lynn said we would have an opening reception and everything! Little did you guys know how full service my classes are!