Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 23: 28 Day challenge.

So here is the work from yesterday. I did a little transfer late last nigh  and today I finished another transfer.  Actually, the work is finished for all practical purposes!  I just need to tack some areas down with the iron that look like they are not lying flat and seal the piece.  Will post once I have the piece sealed (scheduled for tomorrow).  So with 5 days left on the challenge, I have no choice but to prep for the gallery show.  Activities will include getting the cradled maisonite works ready for hanging (there are about 6 of those that have to be wired), printing out the little descriptions of each work, printing out more brochures, packing, etc...  I probably won't get to the piece that I am working on for a donation until mid next week and then I will work on it diligently.  I do have a mixed media and collage exploration class that I have to teach next week too.  There is simply never enough time!


Elena said...

You do sound busy. But the works are looking good!

Healing Woman said...

I like this one a lot. Are the writings of anything in particular? You are right, time is moving along too fast.

Michelle said...

I really like this Kathy! Reminds me of a waterfall. :) Great work!!