Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 26: 28 Day Challenge.

Again, no pictures because I am prepping for the gallery show.  My creative time was spent: calling the "curator" at the Cafe where I will be exhibiting (needed some info on the labels I have to make), adding hooks and wires for hanging two  more works, updating my database info on the last four of my works, and beginning the design of the labels.  My database (done in Access) and I always have conversations whenever I set up my queries for reports.  I have to relearn how to do that each time I have a show (which shows you that I don't have many shows).  I hate this part because I really want to be doing art, not the business of art!  So two more days to go.  Can't believe the challenge is almost over.  I have to say I really got more accomplished than I ever would have dreamed and I have Linda to thank for that :  All in all, I never thought that I would stick with this challenge.  I am not a very disciplined person!  But I am so glad that I did.  I have tomorrow planned out (in between a family celebration of my twins birthdays, my husband's birthday and my FIL or Grandpa's birthday. It will be a busy afternoon but I know I can get in more computer time and then I will start packing.  On Monday we hang the show and for my last day of the challenge...well it could not be more poetic.  Thank you to all who have made so many comments (you know who you are).


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Undaunted said...

What a perfect ending! Hanging your show! I wish you the very best of everything with that.
Thank you for sticking to the challenge and proving it can be done! There should definitely be a prize of some sort for that! Maybe I'll try again in the summer?
I hope you enjoy all your family gatherings coming up :)