Sunday, April 04, 2010

Day 13: 28 Day Challenge.

Quick sketch for donation   
Happy Easter to all!  I had no intention of doing anything creative today,  however, last night I went to be with a "vision" in my head.  This is the time of year when I usually donate a piece of art to a good friend's breast cancer walking team.  Michelle likes my women, which are mainly in the fantasy realm.  I have been doing more abstracts as of late so I knew I had to get cracking.  Before I fell off to sleep, I was trying to figure out what I would do for this years mixed media and collage piece (I always donate the original).  I usually have birds in these works because they are a sign of hope, so I knew there would have to be a least one bird.  Then the Beatle lyrics "I get by with a little help from my friends" popped into my head and I was seeing a flock of birds!  And that is when I fell asleep. So today, between Mass and leaving for a family gathering, I had about an hour.  Sitting in front of the tele, I sketched out this rough idea for the work.  Mind you, it is very rough but this is the concept.  Now when I am actually going to do start the original is anyone's guess.  I still have to seal the landscape, finish "Air," and start and finish "Water," not to mention the paper work for the gallery show.... The donated piece must be done by the last week in April.  I guess I can now say, I  have started, sort of. 

So I plan on enlarging this image and then transferring it to an 8 by 10 canvas board using graphite paper.  From there I will modify the main image, maybe new hair, maybe not, maybe even larger eyes, maybe get the picture.  Not sure when I will get to her though...I usually get excited with new works so I am hoping I can move the other stuff along! 


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Undaunted said...

Your "rough sketch" looks fantastic so far! I love the idea and she is so pretty!

I can't believe you are nearly half way through the 28 days Kathy!