Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day 16: 28 day challenge.

patchwork background

Here are the two works from yesterday that I promised.  The patchwork background is in the vein of Kelly Rae Roberts.  I love this method of creating a quick and easy backdrop for the focal image soon to be drawn in.  Today I will add some paint to the background of this and do a quick and dirty sketch for the placement of my drawing.  The second work is my "Air" piece with the three transfers.  The windmill was a perfect symbol, at least to me, for air.  After all, air is something that the eye usually does not or can't visualize unless it is a very windy day and things are flying or windmills are turning :)  I am not finished...just need to cogitate on this piece for awhile.  So I am heading into my studio now and will work on the patchwork background.  If I get a chance and all is dry, I will scan later but life has be scheduled up the wazoo today....Taking Kaitie for her drivers license (if it does not pour), transporting kids to dance, sewing pain in the ass pointe shoes, and making dinner...



Undaunted said...

I'm glad you didn't throw this away because it's gorgeous!

Elena said...

Looks great!