Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Third Place finish. 6-27-09

I was informed yesterday that my stick horse, entitled "Sea Horse" took third place in the adult division. I was shocked because the quality of the entries was amazing! So this Sunday is a reception for us. I will try to snap a few pictures. My Claire took an Artistic merit award in her division. That really made my Friday.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My twins

Well here are a few pictures from Colin and Claire's 8th grade graduation. My husband and I share the spot light in one of them. Colin and Claire, I want you to know how really proud I am of you both. Even though I have told you a million times, words just can't express my joy. Eight years just flew by. Claire, it seems like only yesterday that we were terrified that you too had a reading disability. After a year of help, you soared and never looked back. Colin, you have always been bright but you really shined in 8th grade. And now, it is the "big time." I wish for you both much success in high school. I know it will be tough juggling your schedules and dancing too, but you have excellent study skills and know how to prioritize. Remember that I will always be there at your back if you need me. I love you both so much.

Love Mom


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer chaos

The kids have been out since the last week in May and we have not stopped since. And for crying out loud, they have not even started their dance camps! Three teens pose a challenge to the wanna be artist. I have come to the conclusion that my art will be shelved this summer except for maybe a few examples for a mixed media class I will teach. I still do not have a driver yet. Kaitie will hopefully get her license in October. Won't that be nice, maybe....

Claire decided she wanted to contribute to the main stay event with her own stick horse and here are the pics. The horse is titled "technicolor zebra." I had her use Lumiere paints which are really bright because they contain peral ex (or something like that, a mica dust). I am glad these paints got some use because they have been on my shelf for sometime.


ps soon I will post the 8th grade graduation pictures. I am so proud of the twins!