Thursday, January 21, 2010

One World One Heart

Its that time.....If you want to get into the mood, click the YouTube video for some Magic Carpet music :)))) Let's once again get to know our fellow artists around the world through their blogs. This wonderful event was begun in 2007 by Lisa Swifka, an incredibly talented artist, as a way to bring bloggers around the world together. If you click on the event in the sidebar, you can read all about it and perhaps you would like to participate! Scroll down below for what I am giving away! This is a archival quality print, first time printed, of a mixed media collage that I did as a sample for a mixed media and collage class that I just recently taught. The original hangs in The Studio School of Art. The title of the piece is "Give and Take" and it speaks to the need to give of ourselves and we will receive much more (or take if you will) than we ever imagined. Depending upon how many comment here, I may just include a second giveaway of collage papers and dodats that I have in my studio.

OK now for the few rules.

1. This giveaway is open to bloggers.

2. If you would like to win this giveaway, leave a brief comment on this post only,along with some way to contact you (email) or link if you win.

3. The cut off time to enter or leave your comment will be 11:59 PM February 14th.

4. I will choose a winner February 15th using a random number generator and contact the winner later in the day.

5. After I receive your mailing address, I will mail the print out.

That is it, simple really. I hope you enjoy my blog and I can't wait to visit yours!


UPDATE: 2-7-10

I am simply blown away by the 600 plus blogs that I have visited. Actually I am blurry eyed right now! I am trying to average 50 blogs a day bbut at this rate, I won't make it to all the magical places on the ride :( I am definately adding that second prize of odds and ends from my studio. These will be papers and such that are on my table right now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mixed Media and Collage Class: Patchwork (quilted) Portraits.

In the vein of the famous backgrounds that Kelly Rae Roberts does, are almost finished works from my last class (1/14 and 1/15). Great job by everyone! This was the second time that I taught this class and I had several who had taken the class the first time and several first timers. There were several students who had not even had an introduction to collage so you guys did great. This type of class is not so intuitive. A focal image that is partially drawn and partially collaged can be daunting but I think everyone did a good job. I am not a great portrait artist so I did not want to teach the "art of the face," so to speak. Instead we used magazine images and this seems to be a little less intimidating. Anyway you can judge for yourselves.... I managed to miss one portrait (sorry Dawn) but trust me when I say, it was reallllllly good. Oh and if you hold the mouse over a slide you will see some fun comments that I made on the work.

I am in the midst of planning February's class which will be a guided abstract on massonite board. The class will be Feb 25th and 26th at the Studio. I need to get a sample done along with all the incomplete works that I started and somehow managed to lay aside. Enjoy my little slide show :)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colins Attitude Dance 11-09

Have I mentioned lately how proud I am of my son. Here is an original dance he choreographed and performed for a group of younger dancers at the ballet school where he dances. His level had to choreograph a dance using as many attitude positions as possible. This was sort of a final exam. Thank you to MRs Svalander for all her support and instruction. And thank you to all of Colins teachers. He could not have come this far without you!


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

One World One Heart GIve Away: Its Coming

Just a quick little blurb to let you know that this wonderful event is coming soon. Check my Blog on the 25th of this month for the kick off and to see what I will be giving away. I simply can't wait to revisit former participants and make some new blogging friends.


Monday, January 04, 2010

2010, Reality sets in

The Nutcracker is over, Christmas has come and gone, and New Years Eve is now in the past. 2010 has arrived and I have finally surfaced from my December hiatus. Just as December of 2008, I basically floated through the month. I honestly don't know how I managed to make it through. I am not a super woman, that is for sure. I broke down more than once, in tears, some angry, others joyous and to be so fully absorbed in holiday activities always comes at a price for me. I basically put my art on hold, abandon my Internet connections, and stop all the little things that I do to keep my sanity. In some respect, I feel a little down. I love to watch my children grow as dancers and this Nutcracker season was the best yet (I say that every year). I will miss watching Colin lift his Clara's with the ease of a seasoned professional (even though this was his first go around as the Prince). The merriment of Christmas morn and the grand feast of the day was over with so quickly. Ah well, it is time to start organizing my life once again starting with my art class this month!

The patchwork portrait class will be repeated at The Studio in McHenry. This time we are going to go over two evenings (Jan 14-15) from 7 to 9. I started a portrait in the last class way back in the summer! Guess what, it is still sitting on my table in my studio along with two other works that I started in classes in the fall. My goal is to finish at least one of those works before this next class! The Studio now has a facebook page: Check it out!
Finally, I just could not resist a Nutcracker picture that I snapped with my iPhone. It is grainy (the camera is only 2 megapixels) but I had to share anyway. This is my son, the Prince with one of his Clara's (Alexa).