Thursday, April 08, 2010

Day 17: 28 Day Challenge

It was a good day today.  Kaitie, my 17 year old, was riding high on the first 24 hours of having her drivers license!  And I found myself OK with it...imagine that.  I had an efficient 1 1/2 hours in my studio doing the following:  putting the first coat of varnish on "air,"  priming the maisonite surface for "Water," coating  some papers with polymer medium for "water," and working more on the background for the breast cancer donation piece.  I also found a little blurb in our local newspaper announcing my gallery show..oh yea I am on a roll :))))  Here is where I am at on the breast cancer piece.  It is in the beginning of the really ugly stage.  I am sure it will get worse before better!



Undaunted said...

Wow you've been busy! I wish I had stuck it out now. Had a great time with my niece and nephew today though - they really surprised me with what they made with the clay!
I think your collage is looking much better already! It amazes me how your vision allows you to see part the early stages. You're a genius!

Undaunted said...

I mean past. Using phone with predictive text!

Michele Hartwig said...

What day is your show? Where? I would love to go...Wow, drivers licence, that day will come, I'm sure quicker than I can imagine for me too.