Monday, April 26, 2010

Gallery Show, Cafe Luna, Crystal Lake Illinois

This weekend was as usual, packed to the max with running around.  I did finally get to my gallery show and I snapped a few pictures.  I always get a thrill when I see my work hanging on a wall other than mine!  The curator, Lynn, did a wonderful job of hanging the show.  There will be a little artist reception in June.

So here are a few pictures from the show.  The lights were really interfering with my photography and I could not seem to correct my camera but at least I have some documentation.  I hope to get back to the show this weekend to shoot some better photos with my personal camera. 

In other class last week at the Studio in McHenry went well. I will share pics soon.  I set some concrete dates for summer classes, and I signed up for an eclass with Kelly Rae Roberts.  I am soooo excited about her class.  I often feel like a little lost clown fish in a pool of sharks when trying to emerge fully as a mixed media and collage artist.  Her class, I hope, will help me answer questions that revolve around my art as a business.  After all, I do want my work hanging somewhere other than my wall.  I have found it really hard to price work and to establish an internet presence.  Her course will help me along those lines.   Although I do not see myself nor my art going in Kelly's direction of licensing etc...I think the info she imparts will be interesting.  So bring it on Kelly...I am ready and willing to learn!


Undaunted said...

Your show looks great! Thanks for sharing the photos!

I know what you mean about photography - I have that trouble too. If the lights are too bright the camera won't flash and then the picture is too dark. It's so annoying. I can see you had problems with the light reflecting on the picture too.

Good luck with the class! It sounds interesting!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Congratulations. This looks like you have a lot of work up and I would love to see it in person. After spending the entire day working on getting some decent photographs of my work, and only partially succeeding, I can fully sympathsize with your photo efforts. Get rid of the darn glare, but how?

I considered the Roberts class but decided no. I'll be interested to hear your opinion on it when you're done. Have fun with it and good luck.