Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Found Art Tuesday 1-30-07: Music

With Music as a topic, I wanted to make a statement about how I feel about Jazz and one of Jazz's great innovators. Music throughout centuries has had certain sets of rule, if you will, to follow in terms of composition and performance. There were certain ways to do things or a convention with certain styles of music from baroque, classical, modern, even rock n roll. Every now and then a true innovator invents or reinvents a style, throwing convention to the wind, and releasing musical moment resulting in freedom. Jazz is that style and Duke Ellington is that innovator. If you have ever listened to his work, you can't help but feel like you are floating on air. Jazz in and of itself is a musical style that is free from convention but the Duke really made sure every one knew that.

Freedom is a mixed media piece using inks, acrylics and found papers. It is about 3 1/2 inches by 4.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Found Art Tuesday 1-23-07: ART

Art, a difficult topic believe it or not. How does one interpret? I was once asked to define the word Art as a sort of challenge. Jonathan Talbot suggested to me that it might be a good exercise. Well after about a full page dissertation, it came down to a little quote from my daughter which went something like "Mom, Art is something you make that you like." Mr. Talbot graciously shorten my definition from one page of typing to "Art is something you make." Deceptively simple I think.

I admire a variety of people "who make something." They include artists both living and dead. My new art friend, Rosa, is one of those people (living of course). Two of my favorite non-living artists are Paul Klee and Georgia O'Keefe. My little pin is a tribute to both. I took Rosa's lead from last week and decided on a three dimensional piece. I love to make domino pins, and so this little piece came about. The background is a transfer of a Klee painting and the silhouette is Georgia O'Keefe. I will attach the pin to this little card with some arty thoughts. I am not sure where to leave it yet :)

On another note. I am thrilled to say that I finally received a response from someone who found my found art piece from last week. I left "15 minutes" at a new coffee shop in Crystal Lake. Conscious Cup is a fair trade shop and the coffee is absolutely wonderful. In my neck of the woods...well lets just say the competitors don't come close. I really love the idea of fair trade and am only to happy to spend my dollars there, knowing that the product is superior and that more dollars wind up in the growers pocket. Anyway, the owner found the work and he left a message here. It was so nice that he acknowledged the work with a compliment. And as a complete surprise and bonus, I may just get a gallery show. I am really excited. I will meet him him on the 30th and we will see where this all goes. Meanwhile I am going to do some pieces with a coffee theme...and then maybe a few more with a theme of my choice.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Found Art Tuesday 1-16-07: FAME

Well, I actually finished this piece in 15 minutes. I decided to challenge myself and give myself a time limitation for this piece. The idea came to me almost instantaneously after learning what the theme was. I could not get the thought out of my head...that everybody wants their 15 minutes. The piece is a mixed media and includes inks, found papers, and rubber stamps. The main image, at the bottom of the page, was found as I was flipping through a magazine. She represents how fleeting fame really is. I call the piece "15 minutes," and will leave it at a local watering hole :)

Check out Rosa's piece (her link is listed on the side). I really like the idea of doing a wearable piece of found art!


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Found Art Tuesday 1-9-07: Judgement

The topic this week is Judgement. All week long I could not get the final judgement out of my mind. So today I sat down to compose my version of the final judgement. I call the work "Finality." I kept seeing God's hand picking and choosing who He wants to bring home, hence the phone book and the fingers. Anyway the work is straight forward collage using J. Talbot's methods. I am not sure where I will leave it, but I am thinking at my daughters dance studio. There are a lot of artsy types there.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year and Found Art Tuesday Topic.

When December began, I went incognito! My three children were once again in a charming, local production of the Nutcracker. We had rehearsals and more rehearsals, regular dance classes, and my oldest had yet other rehearsals going on for an appearance in Dance Chicago ( a huge celebration of the dance and is by invitation only). I honestly don't know where this month went. When all the performances were done, Christmas was knocking at our door. I had not even completed the Santa shopping. Gosh how I hate crowds! Then I had to do one of those power cleaning days to get my house ready for the onslaught. Today was the first day I had time to write.

I wrote to Rosa, when the December began, and told her that free time was a premium. I really did not do anything artistic except make a gift for Rosa and do a few hand done Christmas cards. Today, being the first found art Tuesday in 2007, I squeaked out this little ATC that I call "Healing Light." Rosa suggested a theme of newness or a new beginning, or something to do with a New Year. When I begin a new year, I often think of healing my emotional wounds from the previous year. I hope for white light from stars to heal my spirit. So I did a collage that included a lot of candles and stars. I often hope to become more innocent like a young child. I think I captured those feelings. The work itself is on matte board and I used a glue stick to affix the candles. Then I added a beautiful yellow embossing powder and heated. This created a great texture. The little girl looked very innocent and pure. She was added using matte soft gel medium. I also used some acrylic paints. I plan to leave this at my oldest daughter's orthodontist this Thursday.

Wishing all of you a New Year filled with white light and hope.