Monday, January 24, 2011

Update: Paper Packets in January Weather. 1/22/11

Thank you dear Tami for sending me these pictures of the groups packets.  Here is just a sampling of our nature induced green papers.  We are inching ever closer to that magic week in February when we will gather the packets, bring them inside to dry and then voila, open them.  Seth Apter, in New York set the ideas in motion as he did this experiment some time back.  Seth has a wonderful blog, , which you all should check out some time.  Thank you Seth for your write up in Cloth Paper Scissors on your disintegration project!

So here are some photos.  After we inspect Mother Nature's handy work, we start creating.  This will culminate in an Earth Day gallery show at the Studio in McHenry. The theme is
"Ecological Ethics in our GLobal Society."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Week two of Misty's class: painting using acrylics

So it would not have been my life if I was not running all around this weekend.  I mean really...On top of everything, I now have a whopper of a cold.  The creative factor is kind of low right now.  So here is my first painting for the week.  A lone tangerine makes its debut.  I basically did a simple contour drawing using the Stabilio marks all pencil and then painted the image (Golden Acrylics) after dragging the shadows in.  I used primary colors of red, yellow, and blue to mix secondary and tertiary colors and then went to town.  Not sure where I am heading next.  But where ever it is, I know I'll have fun getting there :)   K

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A portrait: "After Odilon" - 1/15/11

After Odilon
The portrait...first one I have done in a very long time, first one I have done where I tried to copy a great Master.  I changed the hair, or rather, I gave her hair..but she still does enough come close to Redon's "Girl."  Her proportions are so off...  This was the one that I was going to throw out, but decided to show it anyway.  It all part of new growth on my part...searching for a style still...  What I learned in this past wee...I need to loosen up and try to interpret what I am seeing rather then try to copy exactly.  I just can't do it.  It is not in my nature :(   So its time to move on....  Tomorrow will be a long day...Ballet auditions are on-going for my twins....


Friday, January 14, 2011

Quail study

Its almost been a week since I started Misty Mawn's Class.  I have to say that it is packed, I mean packed full of wonderful videos (how to), assignments, and prompts.  I am feeling stressed because well, I want to do it all but then there is something called life that gets in the way.  So because of my stress level, I have only been able to complete about one third of this weeks exercises.  So as a note to myself...relax kiddo you need to realize that it is impossible to keep up and begin to use your head more in terms of picking and choosing what will benefit you.  Relax kiddo, when it is not fun anymore, you need to be smart and pick those exercises that speak to you.  Relax kiddo, it won't be the end of the world if you don't post results every single day...Relax kiddo and breath....

So here I share another quail study.  Misty asked us to choose an object to draw everyday for 5 weeks...I chose quail sculpture I purchased from Santa Fe.  I wrote this poem/Haiku while I was lying awake in bed and then for day 3, I drew the little piece you see here.  Now I am working on a portrait...I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to get it perfect...Actually I was going to toss it because it sucks but you know...I am not going to.  I promise to post it but I want to spray it with fixative first.  I simply don't want to work on it anymore and am ready to move on.  I guess I am my own worst critic.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two weeks into the New Year....

And I feel like it is April already.  How much stuff can you jam into 2 weeks?????  Hitting the ground running for me means that it is audition time for major ballet companies summer intensive programs.  There are photos that needed to be taken , registrations that needed to be filled out, spreadsheets made, and finally, the auditions themselves.  Colin and Claire are both auditioning.  This is their first time doing this so it is all about getting comfortable in front of teachers/judges.  The weekends will be long around here for several weeks now. 

Claire in an arabesque on pointe

My quail for daily drawing practice.

In addition, on January 1oth, I started an on-line course with one of my favorite mixed media artists, Misty Mawn.  I have dreamed about taking one of her workshops but for several years, places like Portland, Italy,  Valley Ridge, Wisconsin etc...have been out of the question.  But on-line is a different story :)))) In week one we are drawing everyday and have "homework" every day.  It will be an intense 5 weeks but that's just fine with me.  I really need to push myself and this is one good way to do it.  More on Misty's class later.

I am also gearing up for my first class of the new year at the Studio.  Our group will be doing an abstract winterscape.  Fun.  I am going through the altering paper process very slowly.  And I wish I could say I would have a sample ready for the class but not sure that is possible.  I need to add pictures soon of January's paper packets as well.  I guess I might as well be resigned to no sleep :)

Day 2, quails.