Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally, my finished sample! 11-22-09

It is definitely Nutcracker Season. I am in the throws of major rehearsals, school shows (my son is participating in) and all around craziness. But that is a different story. Needless to say I am very preoccupied and have not been able to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, my online shop nor my blog for some time now. Guess I know what my New Year resolution will be! OK so I am done with teaching classes for this year. Friday night was my last. I will miss the gals but hopefully will see some of them in January when I repeat an earlier class that I taught back in the summer. More details to follow once I am sure of the dates. This work is a sample that I did in the October class with papers we made. I finally added my details and presented it to Lucy at the Studio for future/prospective new students. As a side note, we are working with soft gel matte medium to adhere the papers. The students are totally new to collage and as much as I would love to teach Jonathan's method, I don't think it is economically feasible for new students to have to buy those supplies along with all the other basics that one has to accumulate. I do think that all the work that was produced in that class was wonderful. So we will continue in this vein. This scene was made up as I did it in front of the students. I actually added the details myself. I think the foliage turned out OK for someone who can't draw :)

Later I will up load finished student works from this last class. They are abstracts and wow... I still have to finish the demo piece I did but hopefully I will get it done soon!