Friday, June 18, 2010

WooHoo I figured out how to make my blog button

I made a promise to myself to improve my blog and work toward a more professional look.  I spent 2 precious hours this AM working on this little button (see right side bar) and I am thrilled that I figured it out.  Hmmm what other buttons can I make!  Here is the tutorial I followed and I am so appreciative for instructions that I could actually follow!



Kate said...

Hi Kathy! I like your button! Nice job! But I'm not sure what they are for, because under it, on the page I'm looking at, there seems to be a box with a scroller. Inside the box is an html address, most likely for that pic, but is it supposed to be showing the html there, or underneath the button itself and not visible? I know with my Mac, I had a similar problem when creating my website, and I had to drag the address under the pic.
But the button looks cool! You know, you can take a jpg pic of the art, make it small, and upload it in blogspot with the address already attached under it and not visible,- in gadgets. OR SO I THOUGHT... just went to my blog and "gadgets" are GONE! My font colors and size is also gone! What is going on? Think anyone knows?? Kate

Pamela Holderman said...

Wow thanks for posting this - just jumped over from flying lessons. I have not attempted this button thingy yet. You are inspiring me though. Your art is beautiful.

Kate said...

Hi again, Kathy. I just read your post on my blog, and there is a simple way of doing this button in blogspot. First go to "design" and where your gadgets are for the entire page. (First have a jpg pic sized, and ready on your desktop or in your files to easily download.)
Click on your side bar "add a gadget", then click "picture" in the list of gadgets that comes up. A new page will come up asking you to upload the pic and give it a url address. Title it, and wha la! Place it anywhere on your side bar by moving other things around. When someone clicks on the pic, they will be taken to that url. For example, on my blog sidebar I have a pic of my flower collage, but when you click it, a video comes up. That's because in the gadget menu I chose video and the url. Is this making any sense? (+:

Undaunted said...

Too complicated for me but it looks cool :) Well done!

Kathy L said...

I am going to get this yet Kate. Just no time right now :)