Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is going on....6-29-10

© Dan Swinson.  Colin as Benno
Another week is almost half done and I feel like I have been spinning my wheels.  We are getting ready for a family reunion up in Williams Bay Wisconsin.  It is only for one night and part of the next day.  I feel like I will be there for a month.  The preparation has been insane.  We are cooking all of our meals and so all that food and assorted stuff has to be carried along.  Bag chairs, beach bags, bug spray, sun tan lotion, charcoal, lighter fluid....you name it. Mandy, one of grey hounds, is coming with and she requires special meals.  I have this fear I will forget something major.   I just hope I get to visit with my cousins.  I have another journaling class coming up and have not even started the art yet. Oh yeah, and this computer, the one I am typing on now, is slowly dying.  We had a blue screen this AM and my soft ware engineer husband spent a goodly amount of time trying to figure out what the bleep is going on.  Perfect timing, just as I am trying to finish Kelly Rae Robert's e-course! Art time...forget it.  I am hoping to get into the studio this Friday. 

I thought I would leave you with one of my favorite photos of my son, from Swan Lake.  No visual arts today, just performing :)

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Undaunted said...

I hope all the chaos is worth it and you have a great time with your family!! :)

Lovely photo too :)