Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Reality Returns 6-8-10

Already this week is a blur. I feel completely drained as I wade through the mountains of info in Kelly's incredible ecourse.  I have made some improvements to my blog and thank you for the kind comments on that front.  I have a way to go but at least I have made the commitment to take small steps.  I think I spent about 3 hours on line today, reading, studying, changing, adsorbing...  The art will wait but not to long because I will need a fix shortly. 

My creative spirit was drawing me to my studio and I really wanted to go, really...However this week is dominated by everything Swan Lake.  My Colin and Claire are performing.  Colin has several big solo parts along with some corp parts (folk dances) and my Claire is a black swan and in the Hungarian folk dance.  As a ballet mom, I wash the tights dance belts, leotards, sew the new ballet slippers and pointe shoes, provide the ice and or heat for sore muscles, help with make-up (my Colin relies on me), feed the starving dancers, pack snacks, chauffeur them back and forth and oh yes, watch every performance.  Just writing all that poops me out!  But you know what, I would not trade this time for anything.  I am so proud of Colin and Claire.  No wonder I am drained.  My mind is being stretched to the max.  Notice the picture...These are Claire's pointe shoes.  They are a new brand for her and she loves them...I hate them.  I spent 3 hours today hand sewing the ribbons and elastic on these shoes and I had to fight for every stitch.  Lest you think I am incompetent, I have been sewing pointe shoes for about 8 years and I have rather enjoyed the process.  These new shoes are impossible.  I had to go and by a thimble (I am sewing challenged, no sewing machine either) because I could not get the darn heavy duty needle and special thread through.  These shoes are made by Gaynor-Minden and are beloved by many professional dancers who probably can afford to hire someone to do their ribbons and elastic! If anyone out there has some sewing tips for these darn things, I would love to know if there is a trick that does not involve a sewing machine.  And so I finished the shoes but not in time for my Claire to break them in.  The nice thing about these shoes (there are many positives if you wear them) is that there is not too much time needed to break them in and she should have no problem. So it is my Colin and Claire's time to shine this week and upcoming weekend...all else takes a back seat.  Sigh...



Healing Woman said...

Ahhh motherhood comes first but your time will come again soon. Those recitals really take it out of you. To think that you even sew pointe shoes! You will need a rest when this is over.

Good luck!

Undaunted said...

I'm surprised you're not completely burnt out woman! The shoes do look pretty though, don't they? :) I hope the show goes well - I know it will. I wish I could be there!

Kathy L said...

Thank you Cheryl and Linda. Yep I am pooped but I know it is so worth it in the end. I wish you could be there. I would make sure you both got seats of honor! Maybe someday when Colin is dancing with a huge company, who knows, he might even dance with the ROyal Ballet! You just never know.

A Dancing Mango said...

I applaud you for being a stay at home Mom! Clapping!!
I am also in Kelly's class and loved todays video.
There is so much to say here.
when I first came to your blog the very first THING i NOTICED was your BLOG HEADER!
That is what I wish to do.
Use my own artwork for my header.
(clapping for you once again)!!
I love it.
My last two postings on my blog were relative to Kelly's class..
"My own two hands".. if you have time .."go see!"
I am on FB, and Twitter and am in Wisconsin too!
So much to say on one post.
I would love to follow your creative and interesting blog!
Hugs, Darlene

Creative Carmelina said...

i hope you'll find the time to answer the call of your studio...and create some wonderful works of art....

but motherhood does come first, as the healing woman says!

have fun!
ciao bella
creative carmelina

jacqueline said...

Such a inspiring post about motherhood! Lovely lovely shoes and i just know that Colin and Claire's will shine bright! And i believe you will find the right balance and time for your creative spirit! You have such a wonderful and very inspiring blog! So happy i came to visit you. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!