Friday, June 11, 2010

A week of Swans and Evil Magicians.

Oh  yes, my main duties this week revolve around my very talented twins. I am such a proud and boastful Mom, so please forgive me dear readers, if I gush just a little. 

First, I have been keeping up, well sort of, with Kelly's class and have added some simple buttons to my blog.  It is a snails pace right now, in terms of improvements, but hey I am at least moving.  I did spend some time in my studio yesterday and worked more on my Collage crate.  The bottom is 95% done.  It will be hard to use it for its intended purpose! I hope to finish it early next week.  The collage is in the "lets leave it for awhile to see what else I need to add to it or not" stage.  Today and this weekend will be all about Swans.  We are going to all 4 performances and that will fill our evenings and afternoons.

So here is my son Colin in his goofy wild hair and remnants of his evil makeup.  He is the evil sorcerer von Rothbart in Swan Lake.  This photo was taken with my iPhone late last night.  I think he was pretty happy with all the fuss that was made over him.  You see, my boy has his own stylist and make up artists (thanks to Tierney and Amanda and maybe some others too).  In addition to his evil role (he turns a beautiful girl into a swan), he also is Prince Siegfrieds best friend and man about town, Benno. I have seen photos taken by Dan Swinson of my Colin in mid flight and it takes my breath away. can I think of anything else but my Colin and his twin, Claire this weekend.  Claire is in an Hungarian folk dance scene and she is a black swan.

If you are in the Woodstock IL area, please come out and see this ballet.  It is magnificent and so well done.  The kids dance with their hearts.  I haven't seen it yet of course (I will tonight) but the photos Dan has taken make it easy for me to recommend this to all. 

Here is a link to Dans photo album if anyone is interested (, click on the June 8th rehearsal and Colin has an entire page to himself starting on page 23, he is the 15 yr old in black tights and white shirt)  and here is a link to the sotry of Swan Lake .   Oh and here is the link to the Woodstock Opera house (just in case):

OK so off to study more of Kelly Raes Flying Lessons and then I get to see my own children take Flight!



Undaunted said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! You have every right to be a proud and boastful mother!! Watching your children perform so beautifully must be so inspiring. I really wish I could be there! The photos look fantastic!

Kathy L said...

Thank you times a million thank yous! Linda, you have been a real inspiration to me. Although our art is diffferent, the need to create is not, your sense of just doing it is amazing. THank you friend!

Undaunted said...

*blushes* thank you kathy! :D

I remember reading about Anna Pavlova when I was a kid, and how they said she would never be a dancer because she had weak knees. The pictures were so beautiful and I would dance around my bedroom pretending to be a swan! I couldn't have ballet lessons, but I suppose my story could be regarded as similar to Anna's? Because I was told my art was "weak" and yet now I feel I am growing and improving all the time, and I have even sold some pieces!!

Thank you so much for all your encouragement Kathy. It makes such a big difference to know that there are like minded people supporting your efforts. x

Anonymous said...

Wow - that is so cool! You must be super proud!

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥ :)