Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On line class 6-30-08

Several months ago, I discovered the art of Paulette Insall,, and I was immediately struck by her style. She paints mainly portraits and is a mixed media artist. What really hit me was the her treatment of eyes and the near perfect proportion of all the facial features in her work. I really wished to improve those aspects of my work. When I discovered she offered on line classes for faces, I jumped at the opportunity and registered. I rarely get out to workshops because of time and of course expense, so I thought this would be a good compromise for me.

Week one is under way and I thought I would share a few sketches. I am enjoying her teaching style and the way she has broken up the task of sketching a face into small pieces
. I set goals for my self with this class and one was to sketch every day. Another was to be able to get facial features in proportion, in perspective, and somewhat symmetrical. I realize that no face is perfect but my main goal is to end up with features that do not resemble anything cubist! I am now going to attempt a full face next. I thought I would tackle sketching from a self portrait of Frida and then create some of my own faces. So far, I am at least sketching each day...


UPDATE: I sold one piece at my gallery show thus far. I am thrilled especially because I can appreciate how difficult it is to spend money on art in light of the current economy.


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Undaunted said...

Great news about the sale!

It looks like your classes are going well! Do you have to draw these from imagination or from a photo or model? I think I would really really struggle if it had to be completely from imagination.