Monday, July 14, 2008

A Little Painting from All about Faces Class

As is becoming a habit this summer, time has completely escaped me. I seem to be in the car all day long, with very little time for art. I am not sure what possessed me to take this on-line class! I really wanted to sketch more to practice getting face proportions right but I never seem to find the time. I bet I am not the only mom with this time issue!

Last week, in the middle of one of my many taxi jobs, my 1999 model Jeep broke down, deader than a door nail! I had Colin and Claire with me and one of Claire's friends. Thank God nothing happened but it certainly could have. I lost all power as I was driving down a main road in Crystal Lake, IL. No brakes, no steering, no acceleration, no nothing!. I managed to get the silly thing over onto a side street and then we had to wait for the tow truck. By the time I got home it was time to make dinner. What should have taken me 10 minutes to get home, took almost 2 hours. What a day, a day lost. Iso hate when that happens! Anyway the next day I spent some time waiting for the Jeep and blessedly my bill was under $600. Whew, that certainly beats buying a new car.

Here are two scans of my current work in progress. The first show the background painting with a face that has been traced. The portrait was drawn on sketching paper and then I transferred with graphite paper. This just happens to be an attempt at a portrait of my 15 year old daughter. The second shows the flesh toned under painting. Sigh....the color is so off. Kaitie does not have any red or pink under tones. She has a lot of melanin and is very mediterranean looking. There is some yellow but not a lot. Oh well, maybe Iwill do a darker wash over the entire face, or work with those artist crayons.... not sure yet.


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Undaunted said...

Oh my goodness, that must have been so scary when the car died. My engine has cut out before, but nothing as scary as losing brakes or steering. I'm glad nothing serious happened and that you are all safe.

Your drawing of your daughter is lovely. I look forward to seeing it finished. Can you explain a bit more about how you use under painting?