Thursday, July 03, 2008

faces 7-3-08

In a way, this one is Rosa inspired. Rosa, if you are reading this, I hope I did her justice. Here is a first attempt at a face. I wanted something to work off of so I used a book of women's portraits done by master artists. This was a really intimidating exercise for me because I have never been able to draw a face that actually looked like someone you could recognize. My husband actually recognized her. I am not sure what I learned from this exercise except for the fact that using guidelines before I drew her features actually helped. However I had to modify those lines several times to get the perspective correct. The guidelines from the class did not exactly work. Her nose was way to long and not broad enough. I think that the guidelines given in class maybe more beneficial if you are drawing a face that is looking straight on and from your imagination. Anyway here she is.


Rosa Murillo said...

While I was reading your post I thought you were saying it was "Rosa inpired" because it was meant to be a portrait of me! So, flattered and all, I stood up, went to the bathroom and proceeded to wax my unibrow and upper lip, while doing that I realised, "No, dummy! it's not YOU it's Frida!" of course it couldn't been me! I waxed last week!
it is really nice Kathy! Love the dove!

Undaunted said...

Hahaha! That's funny!

You know, when I first saw this I thought "That has to be Frida - I'd recognise those eyebrows anywhere!"

I really like how you have done her hair. I am so lazy with hair! Maybe I will practice drawing wigs!

Absolutely nothing cubist about this one! You should be very pleased with yourself.