Saturday, July 19, 2008

The next step: 7-19-08

I have continued work on my portrait for the Faces class with Paulette Insall. Eyes and lips were completed and I redid the "under painting." I was having a hard time with the first flesh tone I laid down and so I completely redid it using the same colors but blending them a little different. I am still not completely satisfied but it will do for this lesson. I am torn here. Many of my portraits have been painted in a more emotional vein, using not quite realistic colors. Getting flesh tones to look real is just plain difficult and at some point I just gave up. I can see where this will take loads of practice. But that is OK...I have the rest of my life. I actually like doing portraits whose skin tones pick up my background colors or reflect my moods. But I digress...My main purpose here is to learn to sketch the face in some kind of proportion. I also wanted to improve the look of my eyes. I have to say the while my eyes are small in this work, I was able to achieve some depth and I am satisfied with them. The lips are OK and will do for now. I am not sure where Paulette is going next but I am sure I will learn something! I am so glad that I did this. It will create a new path for me to walk down.

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Undaunted said...

The eyes are beautiful! It's the first thing I noticed! Great work! I love how this is progressing.