Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hair and eybrows added: 7-23-08

I spent a few hours today working on my class project. The hair and eyebrows are more or less done. Every time I pick this work up, I frig with the skin tone. It is driving me crazy. I know I will also go over the hair again too. I think the wispies are a little too thick. I will say that I love the challenge of all this though. Next week we will play with the artist crayons so I guess I better get my face to where I like it. I think I may actually sand portions of the face too. I am working somewhat intuitively at this point. That is because I have chosen different colors and color combinations than Paulette. It is kind of funny because whenever I take a workshop or class with a really good artist, I simply can't copy exactly what they are teaching. It feels wrong to me and so I put my own spin on things. I am thinking that is how I grow.
Till the next lesson!


Amy said...

Oh, Kathy, I really love this one, she is beautiful. The eyebrows are fantastic and I love the hair too. I looks so thick and rich you want to just run your hands thru it!


Kathy L said...

Thank you Amy. She is really a work in progress. I am enjoying the journey :)


Undaunted said...

I agree, this is beautiful! I'm enjoying watching the process. Thank you for sharing it with us.