Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another Sketch 7-6-08

I never thought thought that I would be able to sketch a portrait that resembled the actual person. With Frida, my husband gave me a thumbs up. That was enough encouragement to try another portrait. This time I used a magazine ad (which I will not post due to copyright issues). But I received another thumbs up. Now I am hoping to be able to draw better portraits for my art work. I am getting the hang of facial proportions. Somehow that all escaped me over the years. I mean, I always thought I could just wing it...NOT! I need to learn proportions of facial features when the face is not straight on. I can't wait to paint some of these faces. I think I will transfer them to my substrate so I do not have to redraw them. I spent a lot of time on these suckers! I really have to thank Paulette for her excellent video and I am really looking forward to the next lesson.


Undaunted said...

This is great Kathy! Again, I really like how you have drawn the hair. Do you mind me asking what pencil you use?

Undaunted said...

In case you didn't see my reply to you on my blog, I thought I would post it here as well...

Thanks Kathy. I think the pencil I used for my first life drawing was a B but I found it so much easier when I used a softer pencil.

The one I've been using for my portraits is a 6B sketch stick, or "progresso" as I have also seen it called. It's like a pencil with no wood. There was no special reason for me to use it, only that it came in a pencil set that I bought and I thought it was pretty groovy so I gave it a go!

I'm completely clueless about the "stumps". Or should I say "I'm stumped over the stumps"!!