Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Blizzard of this decade so far: 2/1/11

"Through the Screen." Really, really snowed in.
It has been an interesting couple of days.  On Monday I had a colossal headache so I knew that something big was coming.  Snow started gently on Monday, stopped, and then again started Tuesday morning.  My headache cleared up Monday afternoon, only to return Tuesday morning at work.  I know my body well enough by now to recognize that this headache was not due to my pre-k class (screaming five year olds), but rather that a huge front was going to hit our area.  The meteorologists had predicted this huge Midwest storm but again, due to experience, I often don't believe them.  I mean really, they are more wrong than right.  But my head always knows....  Good thing I made all the copies I needed for my class on Tuesday at noon (just before it started to get bad) for the next time we meet.  So by Tuesday night, roads were impassable, school had been canceled for today (2/2/11), and ballet classes had been canceled. It was wonderful cuddling up in my snuggie and renting a movie (U-Verse) knowing that I did not have to work today and the kids were home too.   Ahhh the good life.  Today, as you can see, we were snowed in.  Could not go anywhere.  The plow only just came through our subdivision and school was canceled for tomorrow as was dance (for tonight, not good by the way since Colin and Claire have performances this weekend in Schaumburg).  So I tried to be productive and I guess you could say that I was.  Our Christmas stuff is finally all down and put away, carpets vacuumed, and I managed to work on a collage for the Misty Mawn course I am taking.  Misty's course is just wonderful but I have been wayyyyy behind on the lesson because of life (good reason I guess).  Since we will be off tomorrow, I will get some more art time :))))  Hopefully the kids will have their
Later in the day, with help from a plow (thanks Kurt)
dress rehearsal tomorrow evening.  They worked  so hard
on rehearsals for these upcoming performances.



Pam said...

Oh! All that snow reminds me of growing up and living in New England; I think it is so lovely! I know it creates chaos and is inconvient for areas without great snow removal, yet, for artists it creates the most beautiful light-indoors--have you noticed? ENJOY! If you can!

Pamela Holderman said...

Wow can't believe the weather you have had. My son is in New Jersey and the ice storm there was something he had not experienced before. I am so loving Misty's class too and don't want it to end ;( love your birds - I seem to painting lots of crows right now.

Kerri said...

sorry about the headaches. what an odd weather change indicator, and so unfortunate! glad you got the day off tho!