Thursday, September 23, 2010

Found Art: 9-23-10

by Kathy LaRocco.  Mixed Media and Collage on canvas board.
Today I left my little 4" x 4" collage at the Starbucks in McHenry, Illinois.  I had been trying to get it out since Monday but we have had iffy weather and some deluges.  I used a little duct tape to secure the plastic baggie to an outside chair (check my fan page on FaceBook and you can see the pictures)!/pages/Artful-Musings-of-Kathy-LaRocco/134584443222432.  It was gale force winds (well may I am exaggerating a little but ya know...its my art and I want someone to find it.  I included a little flier for the ART OF THE LAND fundraiser along with my found art write up. I created this small piece with scraps from "Blue Moon 12/31/09."  Nothing goes to waste!   I am a happy camper. 

Oh and I sold my first art print today on Etsy.  Thank you Karen!  The print was one that was inspired from my kids performances in an annual Nutcracker.  Its titled "She Bowed for Clara," and Karen received number 1 in a series of 50 prints.  Karen, someday, after I am dead of course, that print may be worth something (ahhh wishful thinking on my part). The second print has been uploaded to my Etsy Store.  Being a mom who has teens in the ballet and who has teens that do a nutcracker every year, it is hard to find "Nutcracker gifts."  Flowers were never appreciated by my children, and so that left basically really junky stuff, or really, really expensive gifts (like Nutcrackers made in Germany for 300.00).  So why not a work of art, an original work of art or an art print?  I don't know...just a thought.  OK babbling now. 

Off to feed my greyhounds.  Art of the Land begins on Friday and I am so excited.  More to come.


Healing Woman said...

I'm so glad your small piece found a home-All be it.. in a gale wind on the back of a chair..LOL. (This was the piece I thought was Blue Moon but know it just has scraps from Blue Moon.) I wonder who will be the lucky recipient?

jessica said...

Hi Kathy. I found your blog via Rosa's of found art tuesday. i have decided to start participating. i don't even own paint, but i've got markers and in general, i just think the concept is right up my alley. i can't wait to think of the first place to leave something!! you make beautiful art, by the way. keep it up!

Kathy L said...

Welcome Jessica

That is what found art is all about. Anything can be made, even a little note with a smiley face is great. Found art is a way to experiment and bring out your creative side with no risks inc=volved, no ego bruised etc... you don't need to sign your name :)))

Palma said...

Hi,Kathy. Thanks for stopping by and i'm so glad that you did because I found your blog. What WONDERFUL work you do! I especially love this piece.
I'm looking forward to seeing your work in the future. Not long to go now before Misty's course begins.

Happy New Year :)

Kathy L said...

i Palma and welcome. THis is one of my favorite pieces as well. I need to start work on another snow scape really soon (for a class I am teaching). Yep..Misty's class is right around the corner. Looking forward to it!