Thursday, September 16, 2010

Almost ready for Art of the Land: 9/16/10

I wish I could say that I have been more organized, more productive, more creative these last three or so months, but I can't.  I started this final piece for the Art of The Land benefit/gallery show well over a month ago and am just now drying the first coat of varnish on it.  Talk about procrastination.  I will put the second coat on tomorrow and then...yes it will be officially finished.  I have to figure out how to scan it (my photography skill is minimal especially with the cameras we own and I have never in all my years been able to take a decent photo of one of my collages).  Oh well, its the little challenges that make life interesting.  So this Sunday, I drop off my art work at the historic Starline Gallery in Harvard Illinois.  I participated in this show last year and no doubt posted pictures of it  I reread that post from a year ago and indeed I have created several abstract landscapes of my memories from Santa Fe.  And indeed I have a small body of work done with this benefit in mind.  I guess I should go back in my archives more often, I now feel really good about what I will show next weekend. Here is the link to the benefit's information.  If you are in the area, this is a wonderful show with lots of great art, music (live), nibbles, and drinks. 

Snow scape for found art Tuesday.
While I was watching Blue Moon dry, no just kidding, after I finished the first coat of varnish, I had a ton of scraps left over in luscious blues.  Out came a small 4 inch by 4 inch canvas that had a painting on it.  Of course, I sanded it and began a new collage.  I think it took me all of 20 minutes which is a record.  The piece needs to be sealed (don't think I will varnish it) and I am putting this out into the world for Found Art Tuesday next week along with an ad for Art of the Land.  I thought since the show is about art inspired from the land, why not?  So all you locals, I hope to get it out there on Tuesday but that depends on the weather.  I will post a photo of the location on my facebook fan page and I do hope a Facebook or blog reader will find it.  But you just never know with found art.
Hopefully before Sunday I will have a scan up of my "Blue Moon 12/31/09" work.  I want to make sure the varnish is good and hardened before I try scanning it.  Until then...

PS, I need to mention what a worthwhile benefit this is.  A portions of the proceeds from art sales will go directly to The Land Conservancy of Mchenry County... They are dedicated to protecting the Oak trees of this area and have been responsible for preserving over 1800 acres of McHenry COunty's wetlands, woodlands and prairies.  Your $20.00 ticket gets you into the gala evening of art, food, drink and music.  This is the art event you want to go to! 

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Healing Woman said...

It's hard to believe that you got so much detail and feeling onto such a small canvas. Blue Moon is quite wonderful! Good luck on the show.