Friday, August 01, 2008

Using the Crayons 8-1-08

The Caran d'Ache Neocolor II crayons I had purchased last December and have been using them on and off in my portraits for some time. I have also been an avid fan of the Portfolio water soluble oil pastels. This time around I used a bit different blending method and a different brush. I like the result. The crayons softened the look of the face. They definitely bended well. I tried the same brush and blending method with the oil pastels and it really did not work that well. I find with the oil pastels that I get really nice blending going on when I use a tiny amount of paint, usually white. All I used with the crayons was water and they blended nicely. What is nice about that is that the color stays true. So my face is basically done. I may go back in and touch up her neck, not sure yet. Then I will spray her with a workable fixative. I think I will probably outline her a bit more.. In the next lesson we will finish off the painting. I have a few ideas and can't wait to add those finishing touches.


Rosa Murillo said...

Oh Kathy, I LOVE IT! What a precious treasure you did for your daughter! These are the kind of things that stay in the family for generations.
I love the crayons effect!

Rosa Murillo said...

ps, Love the banner, by the way.