Saturday, August 09, 2008

Underpainting, Claire Portrait 8-9-08

I had some time to work on my latest portrait. Not knowing where this will lead in terms of a title, I will call it Claire for now. It was difficult deciding how I wanted to depict her. I am still struggling with it. I have used an unrealistic flesh tone but I really like how this looks. It suites her. This is just the underpaint stage. I will complete the skin with Neocolor II crayons (Caran d' Ache). These crayons are very easy to blend and I almost like their effect better than the water soluble oil pastels. My little Claire has the most beautiful bronze tan right now so I may highlight her skin in bronze. Not sure yet. As I often do with my work, I let it unfold as I work on it. I often have an idea about how the work will like in the end but on these two portraits, they just happened. The portrait took front and center. I enjoyed the on line course with Paulette Insall. It is about the only way I can make the time for workshops anymore....

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Undaunted said...

I love this piece so far. The background is beautiful. Have I already said that? (Excuse me while I go looking for my marbles)