Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time Out for Fun

I have to say that this summer has been quite wonderful. I have had the best days driving my kids to and from dance camps and rehearsals. I say this without sarcasm, really! Just being there at the dance studio was calming. I would try to sneak peaks (parents are discouraged from watching the kids as we prove to be distractions) as my children worked through their moves. I watched as Colin took leaps and bounds (no pun intended) in his technique and posture. I watched as Claire grew more graceful by the moment. I watched as Kaitlyn came into her own. What more could a Mother ask for? Their summer workshop perfromance surpassed even my wildest imagination and I am so proud of them. One of my biggest thrills was watching as Colin and Claire took the stage together, along with their class, to do a crazy tango. It was priceless. Watching Kaitlyn shake her boodie in tiny boodie shorts and a sports bra made me cringe. She is fifteen and quite shapely and well while I loved the performance, being a Mom, I kept looking at all the teenage boys in the audience.... The last number of the night featured the Judith Svalander Dance Company members and my son. I about died. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. Colin kept up, every step, with the older girls and then some. I thought at the time, that he stole the number. Because I am his Mom, I figured I had the right to think that. Apparently, dozens of people thought the same. I was patted on the back by more people that I did not know. But the crowning moment was when Mrs Svalander, the ballet school owner and director, came over to hug me with tears in her eyes. Words can't describe how proud I am and was of Colin that night. I do wish I had pictures..... And so the dance camps all came to an end on August 2 with their performance.

We now have had several weeks off. This week my husband took off and we have been taking some wonderful day trips with the kids. They so need a break from dance. Colin and Claire danced 4 days a week for 6 weeks, approximately 5 hours per day. Kaitie danced 5 days a week about 6 hours a day. They are tired. These past couple of days have energized them. We hit the Brookfield Zoo and petted some sting rays...., Long Grove, and the Chicago Botanic Gardens, It has been so nice just to take some nice long walks all together. We need this week to recharge and get ready for school (next week for Kaitlyn and in 2 weeks for the twins) and Nutcracker season.

I leave you with a few pictures of backstage (Colin and Claire) , zoo visit, and the Botanic Gardens


Undaunted said...

Well done Colin, Claire and Kaitlyn! It sounds like you all deserve a break and some great days out, and looks like you've had a wonderful time doing so.

Rosa Murillo said...

wow Kathy, look at your kids! and look at you! well done! they are so big! congratulations! looks like the summer was a complete success! something to look back to!
Many many kisses and hugs for all your family, specially you!
And thanks for the comment on my last post! they always make my day!