Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School....

First day of school! Actually, to be more correct, it was the first day of school for Colin and Claire. My Kaitlyn started last week (Monday). So here are my babies. I find myself repeating that old
cliche, "Where has the time gone?" Gosh...Colin and Claire start their 8th grade year. This will be a fun year for them. Kaitie loved 8th grade. She had about the best teacher in the world. And now my twins have that same teacher. I wanted their year to be extra special and so I wrote an imploring letter to the principal last April. They started school together in Kindergarten. My son really needed his twin. Claire, on the other hand, was a free spirit. She still is. She is fiercely protective of her brother and kept an eye on him all through these years. I thought it would be nice if they ended their grade school experience together. I also pleaded for the same teacher Kaitie had. This woman can do no wrong in my book. She is fabulous. After I sent them off this AM, I had a crying break. I miss them all. Summer went by way to fast.
On an art note, I have another gallery show at Conscious Cup in November. This time it is a one person show (me). Hopefully I will be somewhat productive and complete 2-3 more works before then.


Rosa Murillo said...

oh wow, I find myself asking the same question, where is time going? and my oldest just started Kindergarten!
You are such a proud mama! your kids are becoming wonderful adults! bravo Kathy!
many many hugs!
PS, I SOBBED Monday morning too!

Undaunted said...

Being from the UK I have no idea what 8th grade is, but they look far too old to still be enjoying school! Or maybe your schools are better than ours. Your kids look gorgeous, and so relaxed about their first day back!

Kari Gibson said...

Aw, I know that feeling - time, it just rushes on by no matter what! Hope you have dried your tears.

Oh, and my one-and-only has only just gone and graduated from uni already!


Kari x