Monday, August 18, 2008

Claire in progress: 8-18-08

I worked a little further on this portrait that was started at the end of the "Faces" class taught by Paulette Insall. I think that it is really looking like my daughter. I know it does because everyone I show it to has commented on what a "nice" portrait of my daughter. I can't decide if I am pleased with those comments. I really don't know what I was after with this portrait. So as it is still in progress, I am going to withhold some of those thoughts and see where this painting takes me. My next steps include working with the Caran d"Ache crayons and I want to do something dimensional with the dress. I am also thinking ahead to the finishing bits. I see Claire everyday and one thing that I love about her is her smile. It is rarely toothy but I am blessed with seeing this little smile quite often. The smallest things make her happy, even things like butterflies and that big green katydid that we saw last night. She loves dance and her twin, her dogs and good books, many kinds of music and flowers....I am lucky.


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Undaunted said...

I suppose I don't really know if it looks like her or not, but it is a beautiful painting anyway.