Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Computer System

I am afraid that I had to take a temporary pass on Found Art this week. We purchased a new computer system this past weekend sort of an unexpected purchase. My husband and I have been talking about a new system for weeks now. And we fully planned to have one in place prior to our oldest entering high school..but Best Buy had a deal my husband and I could not by-pass. We purchased a bundled system, another HP. And that is where our problems began. The computer is fine...but the Vista operating system really takes either a techno whiz to figure out how to get your peripherals working, or a computer programmer, which blessedly my husband is just that. OK so here is the skinny for you guys out there thinking of purchasing a new system... Unless your peripherals like scanners and printers and digital cameras are Vista ready, you had better do some homework. My husband had to download new software (actually he did this at work because at home, the hour plus software download kept crapping out) for our scanner. My digital camera does not even have a patch or new software that is supported on Vista (and it is only 3 years old and is obsolete), some of my ancient software will never be compatible consequently I will be in the market for new photo editing software... My printer needed new drivers as well.

So as of very late yesterday evening...we have the scanner up and running, my poor camera can't directly transfer my images to the system but I can take out my compacflash card and transfer photos that way. The Canon software for my camera is not very robust anymore in the Vista backdrop (guess I will put a new camera on my list). My printer is working. I am really wondering right about now, what everyone else is doing who is not very techno savvy...
As far as using Vista..well it is pretty cool. I love the little photo editor it has and the side bar is really a nice touch. You can customize the sidebar with a clock, current news headlines, your very own slide show, a calendar etc... But geesh was it painful to get up and running. It will take me sometime to learn the system.
Meanwhile...here is a photo I took about a week ago. These are real pointe shoes. I altered them and they were given to Kaitie's 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Gavula. Mrs G has been one of her biggest fans. She has attended every dance performance that Kaitie has been in since the 6th grade. She is a huge supporter of her student's extra curricular activities. And she is a huge fan of the ballet. So I took a pair of Kaitie's "retired" pointe shoes and made them into Nutcracker pointe shoes. They are collaged with photos and programs and tickets from various Nutcracker performances that Kaitie has performed in. I wish this picture was better.... They turned out much better than I had hoped for. Needless to say, Mrs Gavula shed a few tears.
This week will be a wash for me in terms of my art so I think I will spend more time with Vista and trying to figure out new software for old peripherals!


Kari said...

These are totally gorgeous! I think they would look great on the wall with pictures of the programs, girls etc.

Not surprised she loved them!

Kari x

Ross said...

Oh man, I shoulda warned you about Vista. It SHOULD come with updated drivers for all your stuff, but doesn't.

I beta tested Vista for a little while prior to it's release, and I can't say I liked it. The anti-virus software I use doesn't work on plus driver support issues like you ran into. I have a copy coming in the mail in a few weeks, but I'm only going to use it just to stay up to date on what Bill Gates & gang are doin.

I'm going to save up this summer and get a Mac again.

Hope you have a fun summer!

Mrs. Gavula said...

I look at the beautiful shoes every day and think of beautiful Katie. It will be an honor to work with 2 more talented children! Mrs. G.