Monday, June 11, 2007

Found Art Tuesday: Light 6-11-07

OK so I have definitely been doing too much thinking as of late! With a theme of light, I decided to go after the light vs dark angle with a religious spin. This work is done on a child's flash card and is approximately 4 by 6 in size. I used a variety of papers in this collage, some were altered. The idea here is that out of darkness comes the forces of evil. Evil is represented by the big dark obelisk emerging from the flames and smoke in the dark region of the work. The human race has some choices..join the dark forces that are destroying our planet, or aim for the light (the good and righteous life) that will eventually bring us to our eternal reward. But there is a sort of in- between area. That is where the guardian angel resides, just straddling darkness and the grey region, to invite us back on the path of light (I told you I am doing way to much thinking). The angel holds a map for us. We can choose to take it or perish. Lovely huh? I call this collage "Invitation."

OH Rosa... I have got to stop thinking so much. This piece started out as an abstract...

This week I want to start formulating two new pieces in my head, for the gallery in the garden show. I plan on entering 10 pieces 8 by 10 and larger. I would like to have 3-4 new pieces but I will be happy with two. Hopefully I will get a creative urge! The show is July 28th.



Rosa Murillo said...

oh, i love it! you are really telling the story with the images. It comes across really well, I think it's well balanced and the colors are really nice. good one!
Good luck this week with your art-making! I'll be throwing good karma your way!

Shauna R said...

Not always a bad thing to think too fact what a blessing creative energy is when we have so many thoughts in our minds...we get to get them out as art! You've done an amazing job, I would love to find this!

Kari said...

Oh, this is so deep. The obelisk scares me. Very powerful images, beautifully put together.

Good luck with your creative needs this for the show. I am sure you can do it!

kari x