Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Proud Mom

This past Sunday at 2 pm was the final performance of Sleeping Beauty. I ushered the performance, no easy feat considering it was about 3 hours long and I stood for a good portion of the performance. I always try to see my children perform in as many of their performances as possible, either by purchasing tickets or ushering. The final performance was pretty much flawless and at final curtain call, a standing ovation was given to the performers. As is tradition, Mrs Svalander, the ballet school owner and artistic director, http://www.jsvalander.com/school/index.php/faculty/
handed out awards and scholarships to graduating seniors and those dancers who would be attending special summer instruction at a variety of professional venues. Mrs. S, as she is affectionately known, will always give an inspirational speech at the end of the the school year and this is accompanied by the awards. It is wonderful to recognize these talented young people each year. Well this year, my son, along with another boy who is a good friend of Colin's, each received a summer school stipend (award). Neither of us had any clue and I stood there, up in the balcony, sobbing like a baby. I was/am so proud of him. He works so hard and truly wants to dance his best each time he performs. He was so surprised. Afterwards, everyone came up to him to offer congratulations. It took me some time to compose myself. I was all of a sudden being hugged and patted on the back. That made me cry even harder.

Colin and I had a nice talk after all the adulation subsided! He is so eager to begin the summer program. He has a list of things that he wants to be able to by the end of this summer session. The goals are lofty to be sure, but this award gave him all sorts of new confidence. THANK YOU MRS. "S" for recognizing him in such a public manner. It meant the world to me and gave our son a renewed vigor that I am sure will translate into his dance movements.

This picture is of my son and Ms. Lynn, one of his beloved teachers at the Sleeping Beauty cast party. We are so blessed with three talented children!


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Kari said...

Aw, well done all! bet you sniffled a fair bit too!

kari x