Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Found Art Tuesday for 5-29-07: Close

Have you ever met a person or people that retreat into their own world, who believes that everything is fine around them, who won't entertain new thoughts or ideas, whose dreams are dark and foreboding, who believes that they have the answer to everything. They have existed throughout the centuries..and we know them,if not personally, then for the havoc they have wrought on society. My found art piece this week speaks to the closed mindedness that pervades society today. I entitled the piece Closed Mind. It is a mixed media and collage ATC. The stoned faced head has a latch on it to signify the locked up mind. The head is one of stone, again representing how some view the world and problems that exist in it. I have definitely been doing too much thinking!

On another note...tonight my precious daughter graduates 8th grade. We have been running around like nuts trying to find the perfect dress, flowers, getting nails done etc... She deserves it though. How hard she worked through these 8 years of primary and junior high school. I am a proud Mom.



Rosa Murillo said...

Congratulations on the graduation and all the done preparations (I'm giving the granola poet some fight!) I love the piece, the theme comes across really well!

Shauna R said...

Ooo, I love this! In fact, "closed mindedness" came to my mind too when I was thinking of ideas but I couldn't seem to think of a clever enough way to execute it (my mind mustn't have been open enough, heehee)...but you've done it perfectly. I love the symbolism and quite agree with your description of closed minded people.

Kari said...

I almost envy their ability to shut other ideas out. I always have to see every point of view and weigh up every argument to the point of exhaustion!

This is a great piece of work, Kathy, very well thought out and executed.

Kari x