Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Weekend of Dance

I have been so darn busy with 8th grade graduation and now Sleeping Beauty. All three of my children are in this major (local) production of the full length ballet. We barely made it through 8th grade graduation when we were rehearsing in full force at the Woodstock, IL. Opera house It has really been nuts. The kids were still in school and we were at the Opera House every night preparing for this weekend.

It was so worth it (as always). The production was nearly 3 hours long! But for me, at least, it really did not seem that long. I wish I could say that I had pictures of my children. I did take my camera but the day was so muddled that an opportunity never presented itself. I am so proud of Kaitie Colin and Claire. They were wonderful. And while I do not have a picture from today's events, I do have one of the entire family the night of Kaitie's graduation. This was taken in the Narthex of our Church.
Now that I have my scanner up and running...I can actually load pictures and art work at will. And we finally have most everything working. My camera to computer connection is definitely a lost cause but I think that is the only casualty.

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Rosa Murillo said...

You have a wonderful family, Kathy! the Sleeping Beauty Ballet must have been wonderful! What a proud Mom you must be right now! Congratulations on all the happy events that your family is participting in. And congratulations to you for keeping everything going smoothly, the way moms always do. :)
Hugs and kisses to all in your family!