Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A day late in posting but better late than never! Actually....all was completed last night but I was too darn tired to scan it. The theme this week was present. Once could interpret in a variety of creative ways...all of which escaped me. So I went with the straight forward and obvious...a present. I made a little origami box out of washi paper. Then I was going to do a gift certificate to starbucks or something like that but fate intervened. I tripped over a box lying on my studio floor, one of about a zillion, and spilled some lovely beads all over the place...again the obvious hit me in the face and I proceeded to string a simple stretchy bracelet using the beads that went all over. Needless to say, most of the beads are still on the floor but I managed to get rid of the ones that were in harms way. Not sure where this will go but I am thinking my childrens ballet studio. No doubt a child, girl child will find it :)


Kari said...

I can just imagine how much excitement the person who finds this will feel! I would have loved something like this as a little girl. Great idea to go with the flow on this one.

Kari x

PS: How odd, Blogger are using the same word verification code on every comment I leave, wherever I leave it!

Rosa Murillo said...

It is really pretty and inventive too. Don't you love it when these serendipity moments arise?