Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Found Art Tuesday: 7-2-07 BLUE

This past week was just "one" of those weeks. You know the kind...where all you want to do is scream.... Now that summer is in full swing, it seems that I have less time than during the school year. I spend most of the day in the car and when I am not transporting children to their dance camps, I am transporting children to other activities, walking dogs, or running ridiculous errands. So my found art piece reflects those feelings of stress.

The work is called Mood Indigo. I made it up of an old deco piece which I had scanned into my puter as archive material. I cut and collaged the elements that I wanted. Then I pulled out odds and ends on the table where I work. Those were added for good measure. Elements were added based on my level of frustration :( The smallish picture in the upper right hand corner is a picture of a lady weeping and the words: What bugs you? You can guess why I used the Screamer, and the mesh like material indicates entrapment. This was all done on a coaster from Chili's.


Rosa Murillo said...

I just used that same blue mesh in another painting! (I'll post some pictures soon!) I think it really conveys entrampment, doesn't it? although the two loose mesh pieces give me the feeling that the screamer has just broken the entrapment and is ready to run! you know, the sream-then-run move.
Entrampment in traffic, I abolutely know how that feels, and when the guy in front of you in the traffic light decides to not cross in the yellow light, thus making you sit on the red light again!!! aaaaahhhhh!!!!

Pierina said...

Hi Kathy!
thanks for your commnet on my blog. I was looking your blog and the works you did for Found ARt, I like them!!
Ah...Your spanish is ok!, dont worry :)

Rosie said...

Hi Kathy,
I think your scream is gorgeous! I hope the creative outlet gave you some peace!