Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Found Art Tuesday 5-22-07: MOON

My idea for this piece started with another found art participant. Maybe some of you know of the Granola Poet. If you go to the link listed here you will find a poem about me! My husband can't live with me anymore because of the size of my head! LOL:


So I wanted to dedicate a little diddy to the famous Granola Poet. Now granted I am no poet...but that is what I love about the found art movement...It empowers me to try things I normally would not do. Hence the poem about the moon. This little piece is entitle Old Man Moon. The art is just so so. I really just wanted a vehicle for the poem (nice excuse eh)? I used a scrap of water color paper, water colors, acrylics, wax pencil and oil pastels. I actually scritched (is that a word?) the poem on the moons surface. My extra fine black sharpie died when I tried to write the first word. I actually like the scritching. So I guess I meant to do it! In case you can't read the poem, it is typed below. How fun this was!


Old man moon sleeps all day, then at night comes out to play.

He shines his light for all to see, a guided path for a safe journey.

Soon darkness wanes, he yawns and sighs.

It's time for bed, he says goodbye.

He will return of that be sure,

Shining for his nightly tour.


Granola Poet said...

Awesome . . . the plan is working! People are getting big heads and trying new things. . . Perfect! I'm so happy to see so much inspiration taking place. And your Old Man Moon makes an excellent couterpoint to my Moon Goddess.

Rosa Murillo said...

This is just wonderful! Look at you Kathy, how many things you've tried! like sketching! and an art exhibit! woo-hoo!!
great work on the image AND the poem! I loved it!!

Kari said...

Fabulous! Great to hear others are appreciating you at last, LOL!

well done on this piece and on your recent exhibition. Onwards and upwards!

kari x