Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Found Art Tuesday 5-15-07: LOST

Have you ever been crazy in love, or really lost in love.... That sentiment is how I interpret the theme this week. I have been lucky in love in that I can say I have been lost in love twice in my life. Once with someone long before my husband and I were serious and of course I am lost in love with my husband.

While working on a special scrapbook for my daughter Kaitie (for her 8th grade year), I quickly made this little ATC. IT was very quick because I had the background done already in a stash of my stuff. This is a mixed media piece I call Lost in Love. Acrylics, inks, found papers and stickers were used. My studio time will be limited for a while because I need to finish the scrapbook and get graduation invites made. I guess I will be busy!

I have finished a couple new pieces but they are studies for larger works. I just wish there were 36 hours in a day!



Kari said...

Oh, super work! I love the delicacy of it.

Good luck with the scrapbook, hope to see some pictures!

Kari x

Shauna R said...

It's sooo romantic...ahhh, love the feeling of being lost in love!

Rosa Murillo said...

congratulations on your show! (I couldn't leave a comment on that entry) I love the art work and the topic.