Sunday, May 20, 2007

Solo exhibit wrap-up

Well my first solo exhibit is over. I took down the art on the 10th of this month. I was totally humbled by the entire process. But I did get through it. I sold 5 pieces (one was a commissioned piece) and was able to donate 20% of those sales to Greyhounds Only I did make a few contacts and I am going to participate in Gallery in the Garden..which is an annual art show in the beautiful gardens of the an artist residing in Woodstock IL This even takes place in July. Unfortunately or fortunately depending upon how you look at it, my children have a ballet recital on the same day but the artist who hosts the show, Deb Glaubke, said it would be no problem if I left early. How cool is that! I decided I would complete at least 4 new works for this show. I will include maybe 6 of the works from the Conscious Cup solo exhibit.

I will leave you with a work from my first solo exhibit. It did not sell but it is one of my favorites. I created the work after seeing the film "An Inconvenient Truth." Whatever you might think of former Vice-Presidents Gores politics, you have got to admire his persistence. I was so moved by this film and the powerful message behind it, that I created a work based upon my emotions. As a scientist I have no problem with his data. I even did a little research myself because I thought that the way the data was presented was primarily for a non-scientific public. The work is dedicated to his efforts to educate the public and it sells for $95.00 framed. The final size of the work is 16 by 20 and it is a mixed media and collage piece on watercolor paper. The title of this piece is: She Weeps for Us. Take a close look at the Earth, I think Mother Earth would nod in agreement.


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