Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Found Art Tuesday 3-27-07: Birds

I kept thinking of Escher's work, the famous painting of the morphing birds...So then I went to bed and dreamt of the Wright Brothers. Hence the work: Final Draft 1903. Man has had some kind of "flight" machine on his drawing board over the centuries. Even the ancient Greeks sent Icarus on his own personal flight, although that was a disaster. I imagined the Wright Brothers and many before them, studied the dyamics of flight via the bird. And look where we are today.

The piece is about 4 by 5 and is a collage on cardboard. How is this for being bold...my family and I are headed to the Art Institute in Chicago today to view an exhibit of paintings from a gallery in Paris. There will be a sleu of impressionist works represented there. Anyway I thought I would leave this at the Information center. HEHEHEHe. Should be fun!



Ross LaRocco said...

She passed away yesterday. The funeral is Thursday. I wrote an entry on gramma if you're interested.

Kari said...

Man has always been envious of the bird's ability to fly. It still amazes me that we can do it in those giant metal things.

This is a lovely piece and I like the wit of it - how cool that it is going to the Chicago Art Institute, LOL!

Leah said...

this is great! and what a cool place to leave it!!

kaolin fire said...


This may come as a bit random, but I'm trying to help flesh out an upcoming themed issue of Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine (Mechanical Flight). We'd love to publish this, if it's available (ideally you'd have a higher-res version than the one linked to from the blogpost... or not have gone through with leaving it at the museum).

We offer $12 for interior art, plus a contributor copy of the magazine.

http://www.gudmagazine.com/subs/submit.php <-- more info