Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Found Art Tues: Beauty 3-6-07

I think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this beholder's eye, I find beauty all around me...in nature, art, architecture, music, dance, a hydrogen molecule, a bacterial spore...you get the picture. But today I was thinking of my three children. They dance and soon will be in a spring production of the Sleeping Beauty. So then I started to think of how I cry, every time I see them on stage. The beauty of their movements, the grace, and determination, there is nothing like it for me. So I decided that my piece would be something to do with dance...a ballerina.

My found art piece is 5 by 5 inches and is a mixed media work. It is entitled Dance for Kaitie. I used some of Claudine Hellmuth's techniques including the infamous Vaseline resist.




claudine hellmuth said...

oh wow! the vaseline resist came out great. wonderful piece!

Kathy L said...

I have been an avid fan of your art like forever. Every book, DVD, podcast I have devoured. You have been a mentor through your published works, and art. Thank you for your comment.


Ross LaRocco said...

Like I've said, I wouldn't know where to start in creating something like that :)

Kari said...

This is a lovely Kathy - it is compulsory for mums to cry at their children's performances, so take some tissues and enjoy!

Kari x

Pacha said...

ohh this is sooo beautiful! great job!
and with your descrpition it almost made me cry. there is so much love in it!