Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Found Art Tuesday: 2-27-07: PEACE

This topic is very timely for me as I am reading a book by one of my favorite inspirational speakers/writers: Matthew Kelly http://www.matthewkelly.org/. His latest book has made me realize that I have a lot of personal house cleaning to do. I especially loved his discussion on achieving an inner peace. One way that Matthew works toward this goal (of inner peace) is by entering the "class room of silence " daily. Take 15 minutes a day to listen in quite to your inner voice. Sit in a quite area, no music, T.V., kids, husband etc...just silence. By attending this lesson in silence, we can work through problems or decisions that need to be made because we can actually hear our inner voice. Fifteen minutes does not seem very long...but just try it for a week. I have challenged myself to do so!

It is no wonder that my piece is called "The Class Room of Silence." I created a sort of door hanger (like a do not disturb sign) that you can hang on your door during your 15 minutes. The work is a mixed media one using acrylics, inks, rubber stamps and hand drawn element (I seem to be a bit bolder with my drawing these days).

I plan on leaving it at hair salon tomorrow :) But maybe I will enlist my husband again to leave it in the big city.



Pacha said...

that's very cool! I've been thinking about that 15 minutes thing for a while, and I actually started getting up earlier. but instead of enjoying those minutes of "my-time", I read my emails or start working... that books sounds really interesting.
thanks for the inspiration of trying it again.


Kari said...

I love this door hanger - what a lovely idea. I am enjoying seeing your own drawings emerge more too. They are fabulous.

Keep up the good work!

Kari x

iHanna said...

silence is good, I agree with you, it is important. your door hanger is great!