Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Delicate Balance for Sure!

Just a few posts ago, I described a monthly exploration that is common place on the Yahoo Group Art Explorations. In that exploration we made some ATC backgrounds using a technique that was described on the site. A swap was set up in which we sent 3 ATC size pieces from our background sheets to a given person. The person on the receiving end then created an ATC from one of those background cards and sent it back to the originator. The ATC sized backgrounds I received were created with a gloss type medium, acrylic paints, and bubble wrap. The artist made the backgrounds extremely textured and very glossy. I chose a yellow and green card for the work. Because it was very textured, I had the choice to either sand it down in order to use rubber stamps in my design or do a collage. I decided to leave the texture and work with it. The look of the background screamed something to do with nature to me. I found this incredible tortoise and the rest fell into place. The color and gloss look was a bit too much for what I had in mind so I toned down the color with a buff colored acrylic and added raw umber highlights. I used Golden's soft gel matte medium to adhere collage elements. Talbot's method would not have worked because of the uneven surface.

I chose the little glass fairy to represent how fragile the balance is between preserving these wonderful creatures and sending them into extinction with our never ending need for more sprawl. I really loved the textured background on this piece as it mimics the tortoise shell.


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