Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Recycled Art ?

Not much art was accomplished this month. August was just so strange. We had a death in our family, moved my father-in-law from Santa Fe to our neck of the woods, the kids were home and finished with all their summer camps, and we did all the get ready for school stuff. With all that going on, I did get some time yesterday to do a deco page or two and I just had to post this page. It is not much to look at but I had such a chuckle over the theme. Basically I had to create a page using items that were meant for the trash. Since I very rarely throw out anything, because I just may need it one day, I not only had a good laugh but a hard time trying to find something to use. I even went through my two trash containers in my studio...Not much there except for used tissues (of the blow your nose variety) and a rotten apple core. The best I could come up with was an old magazine reviewing wines and a wine closure (which were in a pile of long forgotten items). So here it is. This is a pure collage, using Talbot's methods, nothing fancy. Since I was not too inspired this month, I was glad to have something to work on that brought a smile to my face.



Kari said...

Oh, I keep the weirdest sort of rubbish - I find piles of trash irresistable and cannot walk past a skip (dumpster?) without a peek inside. And I too would be stumped if I had to do a whole page using just found materials like this.

I love the page you have come up with - hope September is a better month for you on all fronts, not only art-wise!

Kari x

Kathy L said...

Many thanks kind Kari! You are a gem. Your comments are always so appreciated.