Sunday, September 24, 2006

Found Art Tuesday on Saturday 9-23-06

I finally got to Chilis to leave my altered coaster found art piece. The topic was money and when you scroll down you can find the work. We have a fabulous waitress and so I was thrilled to leave the work for her in the payment folder. I hung around just long enough to see her pick up the folder. Unfortunately the place was so crowed that I could not see her actually open it and then my family was calling me to get moving! I have to admit this is down right addicting. This weeks topic is keys. I have a if only I can get the time to do the work! It seems like homework aid for my three children is taking up most of my evenings, work takes up my mornings, and my two greyt hounds take up my afternoons!


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Kari said...

Oh I just love this whole concept - doing a piece of art from their own coasters is such a good idea! I am so going to have to do this too.

While I was studying for my art degree recently, I eked out my student loan by working in the canteen, it was hard work, for pennies and a free meal, but I would occasionally find art that had been left out for me and it would make my day! I mentioned a found banana skin many months ago on my blog - it was wonderful.

On behalf of waitresses everywhere - thank you!

Kari x