Monday, September 11, 2006

Found Art: First Work- "1995"

Opening my emails the other day, I received some information from Laura Lein-Svencner, the founder of the Midwest Collage Society. She was forwarding info from Rosa Murillo and her movement to leave a piece of found art somewhere in her community every week, Tuesdays to be exact. Found art is not a new idea and artists have been leaving little pieces of art in public places for people to find for sometime. Shari Vogt introduced the concept shortly after 9/11/01 in an effort to do something to bring smiles to peoples faces. If you want to read more about the Found Art Organization ...

I have not decided if I will join but I am thinking about it. For now I think I will try to work with Rosa's group and leave art around my community, maybe two times per month. Rosa's website if:

Here is my first piece. I used an old post card and altered it with found papers and acrylic. I am going to leave it at a little coffee shop near the train station in Crystal Lake Illinois. I left my blog address on the back in case the finder of the piece wants to investigate further. Thank you Rosa, for inviting the overall art community that you are involved with, in this endeavor!



Rosa Murillo said...

Hi Kathy, how did it go? did anyone find it? I don't know if anyone got mine because I had to leave and was getting frustrated with people not noticing the card. I thought about telling someone, "Hey, what is that?" but was afraid they would make me keep it since I was the one who "spotted it" first! :)
I'll let you know if I find it in the lost and found bin!

robyn said...

Hi Kathy, my name is Robyn and I found your website while looking through Rosa's. I am going to start doing the same and leave some of my pieces around for people to find. It is perfect because I am so shy and don't have to talk to the people that end up picking up my work. Anyway, I just had to say hello because I saw you live so close! I'm in DeKalb and my dads cousin used to be a mayor in crystal lake, Cline Wells.